Justin Livingston – 10 Food Questions

Justin Livingston - elegant retiree and international traveller
Justin Livingston – elegant retiree and international traveller
  1. Food for you is what?  For me is a major part of the enjoyment of life and people. Whether it is eating in with company (my favourite) or dining out in a  restaurant or even dining in  alone – less keen on dining out alone. It is the sharing of one of life’s best experiences, not just taking in the (frequently more than) necessary calories….
  2. What was your favourite food/meal as a child?  My favourite meal was the few times in the year when our mother would roast one of our own truly free-range chickens – a luxury in the 50’s. I have never tasted as good since.
  3. What did you have for dinner last night?  Last night I ate in alone – prior to watching the Serena Williams in action at the Brisbane International.  Sauteed chicken breasts with some rosemary underneath slices of bacon,  accompanied by potatoes and onions roasted together, asparagus and baby marrows – it was pretty OK. Leftovers in the freezer.
  4. Favourite restaurant?  In Brisbane my favourite restaurant would have to be Montrachet. Truly professional with good French food and great personal service. Second would be Anise.
  5. Do you grow food, and if so, what? I don’t grow food on my small balcony here in Brisbane. In my flat in London I grow basil and rosemary in pots.
  6. Local hidden gem? Brot Patisserie on Waterworks Road, Ashgrove. Very good baked on site German bread and wonderful cakes and pastries.
  7. Your favourite food shop? Sammie’s Girl for fish and James Street Butchers for the best sausages.
  8. What do you hope never to eat again?  Brains. Something about the texture and the richness. Otherwise I am pretty much an omnivore. Than you Dad – for a father of the 40’s he had a very broad palate.
  9. How often do you cook?  I cook every day. Evening is my main meal, alone or with company, no difference. Less wine on my own, but no abstinence.
  10. Most used cookbook?  In the past my most used books were Elizabeth David’s. Now I’m spoilt for choice. On my own, I would rarely use a book, but since retirement, I am more likely to use one to try something new. I like Jamie Oliver’s relaxed style of Italianesque cooking, Nigel Slater’s old fashioned English stuff, Nigella Lawson’s desserts – I am lazy about desserts though.