Tom Harvie – 10 Food Questions

Tom Harvie – barefoot eccentric and hairdresser
  1. Food for you is what?  Meditation
  2. What was your favourite food or meal as a child?  Crumbed steak and mashed potato
  3. What did you have for dinner last night? Fillet steak with steamed corn and broccoli
  4. Favourite restaurant? Sakura in Highgate Hill
  5. Do you grow food and if so what? No
  6. A local hidden gem? Pennissi’s at Woolloongabba
  7. Favourite food shop? Balaclava Street shops
  8. What do you hope to never eat again? Kidney
  9. How often do you cook? Every morning and every night.
  10. Most used cookbook? Poppa Rossi’s Italian

One thought on “Tom Harvie – 10 Food Questions

  1. Ate at the new Thai place in Tenneriffe tonight. Thai provincial family food – not really restaurant standard. Cheap and cheerful? Cheap. Value for money? Nup.

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