Like a fruit bat hunting for a mango tree, my super senses spotted the home made torte sitting on the bar of the restaurant.

‘It’s homemade Pinolate’, the waitress said. Pinolate is a light Siena cake with pine nuts and a ribbon of custard cream through the middle. Not overly sweet, the cake has now shot to the top of my perfect dessert list.

To find, visit Osteria sella Chiacchera, Siena


2 thoughts on “Best…..Pinolate

  1. Yummmm. I was in Siena in 1985/6. Sigh. Remember the wine tasting Osteria just outside the beautiful square in a modern building.

  2. Aloha Jenny!

    I’m back home from Honolulu! Are you still living the life of dolce a vita? or are you back in the land of lamingtons and fried eggs?

    Donna xx

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