10 Food Questions – Donna McDonald

Donna McDonald author of  'The Art of Being Deaf'.
Donna McDonald author of ‘The Art of Being Deaf’.

1. Food for you is what? Two things – by myself it is fuel; out with my friends, it is an occasion.
2. What was your favourite food/meal as a child? Strawberry ice-cream cake.
3. What did you have for dinner last night? Pan fried prawns, with Moroccan spices, on a rocket and pear salad.
4. Favourite restaurant? Tinderbox.
5. Do you grow food, and if so, what? No, but would like to.
6. Local hidden gem? Byblos at Portside.
7. Your favourite food shop? Clayfield Market.
8. What do you hope never to eat again? Tripe.
9. How often do you cook? Every night.
10. Most used cookbook? Gwinganna Cookbook.