Glass Half Full Award

Those avid followers of New Farm Food Stories will know we are running a campaign to cement the service of half glasses of wine in all our favourite restaurants. It is civilised, allows you to stay under the limit and gives greater choice in matching wines with courses.  However, this simple adjustment to pouring has not caught on with the majority of  restaurants. Recent refusniks include ecco, The Survey Co and Bucci. All fine restaurants which could be just that little bit finer if they offered half glasses of wine.

However, there is a new star in our half glass firmament.  This week’s glass half full award goes to Gerard’s Bistro. The bistro is all class with knowledgeable wait staff and great service. Our waiter not only provided half glasses when requested but also asked who was driving so she wouldn’t do a top up.

Gerard’s Bistro

The Glass Half full campaign continues, so send in any restaurant you think is deserving of the Glass Half Full Award.